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Roof Inspection Service in Bend, OR

Feel More Secure and Confident about Your Investment.


A quality roof is essential when owning any home. While many people believe that certain roofing materials will shield them from future problems, this is not the case. Quality roofing depends on a number of different factors.

What Is A Quality Roof?

A quality roof is not just a roof that protects you from the elements. The ideal roof can save on energy, making it a more cost-efficient resource for your home. By keeping a house properly insulated, utility bills can be kept at a minimum.

A roof must be able to withstand a variety of weather patterns. Depending on the location of the house, some functions may be more dire than others. Snow, severe winds, and rain can all negatively impact a roof that isn’t up to standards.

How Do You Know If Your Roof Is A Quality Roof?

Old houses with roofs that have not been recently inspected can be problematic. The age of an existing asphalt shingle can make a significant impact. Depending on ventilation and previous roof removal, age is a key factor in determining quality.

If a roof is over 20-25 years, the likelihood it needs repairs or removal is high.

Gaps or holes are another sign that the roof needs attention. Gaps in the roof do not need to be large to become an issue. Even if you can’t see daylight through the roof boards, leaks can cause major damage. If the house is not properly insulated, mold can spread within the home.

Shingles can speak volumes about a roof. Some types of disrepair may not be difficult or costly to fix. Other issues pertaining to shingles may be a sign of something bigger.

Shingles that are buckling can be seen at the slopes of a home where direct sunlight usually hits. To truly understand the scope of shingling, taking a close look is key. This is one of the reasons professional roof assessment is necessary.

Do You Need A Roof Inspection?

Professional roof inspectors can safely assess a roof’s current condition. Because they are trained in roof assessment, they can accurately understand the safety of a roof as well as maneuver their way around it.

Roof inspections can detect several roofing issues such as:

  • malformation of roof
  • missing or damaged shingles
  • plant growth
  • cracks or holes
  • leaks

Regardless of material, all roofs will age. When tiny holes begin to appear, that is usually a sign that maintenance may be necessary on a more regular basis. A regular roofing inspection can help homeowners schedule proper care for the roof.

Many of these problems can be repaired if they are caught early. Roof inspections should be done if you suspect any roof damage or after a particularly heavy weather event. Routine roof inspections are advised for safety and budgeting.


Many roofing issues can be covered under roof warranty if they are fixed soon enough. By preventing larger roof issues, you may be able to repair instead of replace the roof.

A roof inspection can help you understand the current condition of your house. With a proper, quality roof, you can stay safe and maintain the value of your house.